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TicketShop is an independent ticket agency; not affliiated with Ticketmaster, any box office, team or venue. We sell quality tickets to MLB, NBA, NFL, NCAA, and concert events. We were founded in 1999 as a new business operating exclusively on

Most of the tickets we stock are season tickets procured from the actual season ticket holders. Unlike most traditional ticket agencies, we only sell tickets which we currently have in stock (unless specifically noted in an auction listing). We will not sell tickets which we do not already own. In other words, we do not act as a middleman for another ticket vendor in a sales transaction. Your ticket purchase with us is guaranteed to be the lowest price available. We guarantee all of the tickets we offer and we strive to provide each of our customers with exceptional service from the beginning to the end of each transaction.

We do not provide the BEST tickets. This is not our goal. Generally, online ticket agencies will sell only premium tickets at a huge markup - often several times the actual face value of each ticket. Our goal is to provide high quality tickets (providing a better-than-average view of the event) which we can sell in a price range that is reasonable for the average buyer.

There are thousands of eBay'ers selling tickets. We have hundreds of satisfied customers and we take pride in the strong reputation we've built in our short time on eBay.

It's your money! Deal with someone you can trust.

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